Welcome to the Form3 API.

The Form3 API lets you manage all aspects of your payment workflow. It includes the ability to:

  • Send and receive payments across a number of different schemes
  • Receive SWIFT statements
  • Generate and manage scheme-addressable customer account numbers
  • Handle payment exceptions such as rejections, returns and reversals
  • Manage access with a flexible security and approval model, and view full audit trails of all changes

Scheme-Agnostic Tutorials

Platform Tutorials

FPS Tutorials

Bacs Tutorials

SEPA Tutorials

Form3 can offer technical access to several different schemes (e.g. SWIFT, FPS, Bacs), however specific access for you may or may not be available depending on your configuration and banking relationships.

The payments API is based on the principle of REST. Our api uses conventions that aim to increase productivity and ease of adoption. As such we have chosen to build our API around the json:api specification.

Find out more about our solution by visiting our website: